ِAbout us

Prophet Mohamed said: “God has created some of His servants for the settlements of people’s needs, ‎He made them love beneficence and attract to beneficence, they are safe from torture on the Last Day”, ‎‎’the messenger of Allah said the truth.‎

Al Bonian Al Marsos Charitable Foundation is a charitable foundation registered under number ‎‎2377/2009, registration date 1430 H./ 2009 A.D. with a declared aim of reliving the suffering of the poor ‎and the needy. The idea to establish Al Bonian Al Marsos Charitable Foundation was established ‎according to a specific vision and a clear-cut strategy through which those in charge of the foundation ‎make contributions out of faith in the importance of social engagement and voluntary work, and their ‎general role in the promotion and advancement of the society, as well as working to improve living ‎standards of Egyptian citizens owing to their belief in the idea of solidarity and communication among the ‎members of the society, and provide assistance to those in need. Social engagement, voluntary work, ‎and contributions of the rich and businessmen are key means to promote the society by seeking to ‎improve living standard and they represent the backbone to mainstream the deprived categories in the ‎society and reinforce loyalty, belonging, and instilling of noble values in the individuals of the society and ‎shifting focus to the organizational work based on scientific principles and accumulated experiences ‎rather than providing services individually. The future of our country depends on the activation of ‎citizens’ potentials. The society is in a pressing need to the collaborative efforts of its members and ‎consolidation of their feelings as well as facing difficulties and challenges that come in the way of its ‎progress. Collaboration in beneficence is the true course of this nation since the rising of the sun of Islam ‎and Islamic law. Such Islamic law has become the momentum to instill beneficence in the hearts and it is ‎the drive to do charity surrounded with mercy, flexibility, and concepts of solidarity, collaboration, and ‎cooperation among members of the society. Guided by such concepts, many honorable businessmen ‎stepped up to assume their responsibility towards their society and fellow citizens. They establish ‎charitable organizations according to a consistent and integrated system in various areas. On this basis, Al Bonian Al Marsos Charitable Foundation was established according to a specific vision and a clear-cut ‎strategy through which those in charge of the Foundation, guided by the concept of ownership of the ‎home country and being partners in it, strive to activate the spirit of belonging and communication among ‎members of the society, and address some of the social problems, lend a helping hand to everyone in ‎need, deeply root the values, true religious, and cultural heritage through an organization that adopts ‎science as a methodology, accumulated experiences as a means, and hands of the rich as support, paying ‎back to the home country as an objective, and the Law of the Creator as a destination and a course.‎