Fourth: Vocational Rehabilitation Center for Learning Small Industries and Crafts:

Vocational rehabilitation and support small industries, the most important pillar of the communities that seek to promote the progress and well-being of its members and become with those communities in need of all the efforts and capabilities of its members, and is unemployment, particularly convincing ones are the scourge of developing societies that spend all returns development have to support them and provide services to them without the participation of them in advancing development, so it was essential that the civil society organizations to assume part of that responsibility and seek architecture Almrsos institution through several application systems identified by the state for education and vocational training to create a consensus between the needs of the labor market and employment of trained and skilled in cooperation with the ministries and departments concerned with training and communicating with companies the private sector to meet its needs in terms of labor through training and guiding graduates and the unemployed
Towards skills and trades needed by these companies and the labor market in general.



Sixth: An outstanding medical clinic:

Foundation provides medical services for community groups of others unable to obtain such services in private hospitals and it emerged as the urgent need for the establishment of medical centers distinct run by NGOs in accordance with the philosophy is not based on profit but seek to provide services for each needy as much as its potential available and wages symbolic or free of charge non-cases capable of The Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos Foundation seeks to establish a medical edifice that operates according to a distinguished medical system aimed at spreading the medical umbrella for some groups that lack them.



Seventh: Creating job opportunities for youth:

Architecture Almrsos Foundation is seeking through the trainees have a rehabilitation center to provide job opportunities for them in cooperation with the private and providing them with sector companies in various professions and trades needed by those companies as they seek to establish some micro-projects for some women with special abilities and the elderly in their homes so as to achieve their return It is profitable, in cooperation with the Social Fund, instead of leaving them prey to unemployment and a feeling of alienation within society.


Eighth: Providing in-kind and cash assistance to families who are unable:

Communication and compassion between the groups of society is a goal that we all strive for, as those who have lost their breadwinner or source of livelihood and whose need has shifted the direction of their lives are in need. They stood in front of the requirements of life helpless, these institution and put them in mind first care and the provision of services and considered them and seeking Foundation strives to maintain the entity of those families and their interrelationship and provide a healthy and safe environment and a good environment for their children through cash assistance and seek to provide sources of income according to the circumstances of each family and take care of their children in their studies and follow-up and enter Joy and happiness be upon them on the various feasts and occasions, and that the institution be a support for them after God Almighty.


Ninth: Holding thoughtful seminars on morality:

The lofty values ​​and the culture of belonging, dialogue and difference are always in need of someone to support and nurture them and seek to integrate those values ​​into individuals and their religious, cultural and social legacies. Seeking architecture Almrsos to create a real institution ground from which its intellectual and cultural base in accordance with the reference and maintain community values ​​and traditions and Muruthath to support the family, school, and other institutions offer towards the promotion of virtue and belonging to the community and call for good manners.


Tenth: Providing medical aid to sick families who are unable to:

There are some families who are not able to suffer from diseases and cannot buy the medicines they need and pay the costs of rumors and tests, so the Foundation takes care of these cases.


Eleventh: Preparing the brides and contributing to their wedding:

The charity’s activities also include helping to prepare brides who are unable to prepare themselves for marriage, by contributing to the purchase of wedding supplies and wedding supplies.