Medical convoys

El Bonyan El Marsous provides monthly medicine for a group of less-privileged cases after conducting ‎proper research. In addition, it provides surgeries for some less-privileged cases and organizes medical convoys in Al Montazah slums in cooperation with the competent medical directorate providing specialist ‎physicians and patients are examined and provided with medicine. For cases that need critical surgeries El ‎Bonyan El Marsous contracts some hospitals to conduct them. ‎

List of surgical procedures provided by El Bonyan El Marsous during the year

Name of Hospital Procedure TypeTotal Cost
Royal Hospitalmuscular flap transfer12000
Talaat Mostafa  Hospital Skin Graft3680
Mabaret Alasafra HospitalCAT scan150
Dr. Ibrahim Khalil Injection therapy3100
Armed Forces  Hospital Radioactive Iodine Therapy1000
Dr. Safwat ShakerMedical radiology410
Alex ScanCAT scan932
El Emam Medical Complex Nursery600
Virgin Mary HospitalMedical radiology1025
Dr. Medhat El SawyMedical examination + medication171
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed KhamisOsteoporosis injection1641
International Cardiac CenterOpen heart surgery45000
Mabaret Alasafra HospitalX-ray + lab tests645
Alex Scan + Mabaret Alasafra +St. MarkEndoscopy + X-ray and tests4478
Virgin Mary HospitalStroke1000
Virgin Mary HospitalHospital admission1200
_____________________________Eprex injection for patients with ‎renal failure36000
_____________________________Monthly medications for less-‎privileged cases6600