Zakat Accounting Center

Your zakat is your life… Calculate it well


Zakat Calculation Office

Islamic Center for Research and Zakat Accounting


The Center is based on calculating zakat according to the rules and a set of stable principles from the sources of Islamic law, which is the constitution that those working on zakat are committed to in order to determine and measure the amount of zakat earned and earned.

The members of the Supreme Council for Fatwa and Shari’a Oversight were submitted by Al-Azhar Al-Sharif.


He raises awareness of the provisions of zakat and guides citizens to its foundations and its connection to belief, worship and other provisions of Sharia, and clarification of the money from which zakat is due, the rules for calculating it, and the correct media.


The center has a department for scientific research on zakat in various fields of jurisprudence.


The center conducts a comprehensive social survey of the cities and villages of the governorate to identify a clear picture of poverty and the need for its various causes.


The center offers the customer how to manage funds Zakat and conservation and its investment by following the policy of short-term, medium or long-term investments in a way that achieves an appropriate return back to the Zakat funds profit and growth and allows users of Zakat useful services system and workplaces for those who do not work him them and contributes to the general development of society and the nation.


The Center approves the statements and statements submitted by the client and determines zakat according to what is submitted to it.


The Center is committed to observing the secrets of the job it is entrusted with in its competence with regard to determining Zakat or accessing data related to it.